What to do When you can’t Sleep and are Bored at Night

What to do When you can’t Sleep and are Bored at Night : It indeed feels ‘uneasy’ when you don’t get proper sleep at night and the time is passing by (as if to remind you that morning is not too far). Your eyes are red and your body badly needs complete and proper rest as a way to recharge yourself.  But what to do when you don’t feel sleepy? This phase of night becomes highly taxing and challenging if not dealt well. Yes, you happen to feel tensed to the core as you anyhow want to pass this moment where you are literally helpless.

What to do When you can’t Sleep and are Bored at Night

What to do When you can't Sleep and are Bored at Night
What to do When you can’t Sleep and are Bored at Night

Hence, it brings me to the point where I am writing a post of What to do when you can’t sleep and are bored at night:-

Leave your bed

Move away from the bed as this will instantly lessen the accumulating stress. Divert your mind towards doing things you love. For example, you are passionate about listening to music as this mechanism is a stress-buster. Sooner your brain will relax and will be ready to get proper sleep. Hence, this is the time for you to go to bed once again.

Write down your worries

It is true that stress makes us forgetful and in the pursuit of remembering things, we fail to work properly. So, the best you can do is to write down the concerning things, so as to ‘free’ your mind. You can easily work on the points next morning which you have written down.


When your brain is packed with stress, then going for a quick meditation actually helps you get much-needed relief. Yes, it will create a positive vibe as you experience inner peace. Hence, as your mind is calm, so it becomes easy for your body to find inner peace by way of getting proper rest.

Block the lights

Is the light coming from outside hampering your process of getting proper sleep?

If yes, then you need to realize the importance of a completely dark room which can help in your quest to get rest. Simply pull your curtains to block it. Likewise, turn off the lamps at night.

Cover your eyes

You can ask, “My room is dark, so do I still need to cover my eyes?”. Well, the answer is YES. It does happen that some light may seep in. So you can use an eye mask, so all you can see is darkness. Well, this fact only helps you to attain proper sleep.

Have a ‘Warm’ Drink

You can have a glass of warm milk as you are looking for a comfortable sleep at night. Yes, this age-old method equally tastes delicious when you mix it with honey as the drink creates a warming quotient in the body needed for taking rest.

Do a breathing exercise

Another one of the facts to try especially when you can’t sleep at night is through focusing on the ‘slow’ and deep ‘breathing’ method. After some time, you will experience calmness. This fact is very important to help you overcome anxiety.

Finish the project

When professional commitments are not addressed in their due time then it creates a challenging world. Likewise, before beginning further, let me ask you,

Has it ever happened that your mind is occupied with the work-related pressure as you couldn’t finish the work by the end of the day? Yes, it happens. We know that the biggest sense of accomplishment is when you don’t delay the project and close within its fixed time schedule. It gives an inner sense of calm as you don’t take pressure on your head for another day. This aspect clearly makes your mind free and you hit the bed in peace.

Never give in to your temptation

How many times has it happened that using your mobile for long, hampers your sleeping schedule? Well, it has occurred with many and you are certainly not alone. The biggest blunder that many do at the time of not feeling sleepy is they look at their phone. However, refrain from the same even though how tempting it possibly becomes. Never succumb to it. While looking at the phone, the blue light coming from the screen hampers the production of melatonin. How? The eyes, being a sensitive body part create an alert mode and reduce melatonin production.

Never look at the clock again and again

How hard it becomes when you have been dearly wanting to get proper sleep for the last few hours, but you can’t?. Yes. it indeed. What’s worse is that the clock is ticking and you start taking undue pressure on yourself, for not being able to get due sleep. There is a psychological idea behind not looking at the clock and it is to make things go in an easy manner.

Consider different sleeping positions

There are different positions for sleeping and it is hard to switch to other ones. For example, for a stomach sleeper, sleeping on the ‘back’ and ‘sides’ may be slightly difficult. But you have to try them in order to increase your chance to get proper sleep.

Sleep alone

Has it ever happened that you tend to lose sleep more often in the company of your canine friend? If yes, then you aren’t alone. Although one may find it comfortable to cuddle with a furry friend of yours, yet there have been studies that highlighted how owners report waking up more as compared to those sleeping solo.

Consult a sleep specialist

Still, if things aren’t turning in your favor, get in touch with a sleep specialist who is trained to find out reasons relating to sleep disorders and accordingly help you.

Final Thoughts

Finally, aforesaid are the things to do when you can’t sleep at night. They ‘work’ because they have the power to distract your mind so that you can help yourself in attaining peace for a good night’s sleep. After all, you don’t want to ruin your subsequent mornings as getting proper sleep is like a tonic that recharges your mind, body, and soul to compete with the professional commitments of the next day.

I hope you liked “What to do When you can’t Sleep and are Bored at Night”. I hope you might have got something new from this.

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