How to Have Good Dreams Tonight

How to Have Good Dreams Tonight

  • Isn’t it lovely to realize that you were actually having sweet dreams when the alarm clock went off?
  • Do you want to enjoy similar dreams every night?

If yes, then you are at the right place. All of us have dreams every other night. We are able to recall some of them more often than others. Sleep is important for well-being and an alert mind is the proof that the person has taken proper rest. People with sleep deprivation are usually low in energy and get angry in the office quickly because their mind and body dearly needs rest. Sleep is also the reason that we get dreams.

How to Have Good Dreams Tonight

How to Have Good Dreams Tonight
How to Have Good Dreams Tonight

All of us want to have sweet dreams to enhance the quality of sleep. Let’s now take a look at the ways to have good dreams tonight:-

Avoid spicy foods

The rule is avoid spicy foods shortly before getting to bed as it may lead to weird dreams. These foods are the reason why people experience the problem of indigestion. It is preferred to eat spicy food during lunch, but at night, try to ensure that the dinner is light which should be taken at least two hours before. Eating spicy foods just before going to bed makes the body warm and hampers sound sleep as well.

Boost your melatonin level

Do you know that you can have a better chance to have good dreams as you increase the melatonin level in the body?  Yes, indeed as melatonin promotes fixed sleep and wake schedule. So, once the level goes higher, you have a fairly high chance to get good dreams. There are certain foods in the form of almonds, cherries, black mustard, sunflower, flax seeds etc which enhance the same. Try to have them regularly to get closer to the dreams you want and deserve.

Take out 10-15 minutes to relax yourself before sleep

There is a wonderful, easy and caring scenario where you should take out time to relax yourself. Visualize the occasions which make you ‘happy’ and ‘positive’, like your last fun-filled trip which gives you goose-bumps. So, once you are calm and positive you are likely to encounter good dreams and chances are that you remember them more often.  If possible get a scalp massage or you can apply hair oil yourself for a more calming and soothing phase of night.

Be cautious of things you are surrounded before going to bed

Your mind is likely to respond to situations which you are occupied with, before you go to sleep. For example, if you were watching scary content, then you would think about the same and may well have a nightmare. Usually, it is best to avoid watching any disturbing content at least 90 minutes before or else be prepared that it will have an influence as you hit the bed.

Don’t let fear come in your way

Isn’t it exciting to dream about things you are normally afraid in real life? Yes, you know that you will be unharmed in your dreams. For example, if ‘water’ scares you, then dream about ‘swimming’. Similarly, if you are poor with acting, try to dream about playing the main role in a play which gathers applause from far and wide. Likewise, if you fear speaking in front of the public, you can dream about hosting a show in school and getting applause for being the best orator.

Try switching the positions of your body

Switch on sides to experiment with the dreams. Since, it is often said that the position of the body has an effect. Those who sleep on their right side report more positive dreams than nightmares. But you can easily experiment on the same yourself. More you experiment, better it is going to be.

Create a scenario which is similar to telling that look, “I am going to dream”

Do you know that you can try to empower your mind to get ready towards dreaming? Also, be confident and tell yourself that “I will remember the dream in the morning”. So, you can easily write it down in a journal. Try with the practice and it will improve gradually, provided that you are consistent.

Don’t expose yourself to light

Do you know that once you are exposed to light, you will report reduced melatonin levels? Yes and it minimizes the chance of a quality dream, since your sleep will be greatly affected. So, it is a big ‘No’ to watch content on a smartphone or computer before hitting bed as the rays are an obstacle for ensuring quality sleep.

Get complete rest

When you have taken a rest for a complete number of hours, you are likely to remember the dreams. It in a way increases your chance to have quality dreams which you can recall. If you want to ensure quality sleep at night, avoid taking naps during the day. While you get up in the morning, recall the dream by closing your eyes, as through this process you are far likely able to remember the same.

Play Video Games

Playing video games create a psychological effect. Since the game entails you to move out of the comfort zone and encounter the challenges coming on the way. You explore new surroundings. It has a similar connection with the way you tend to experience, once you are in a sleeping mode. So, playing video games is like giving you an edge and a way to essay the same role while you sleep.


Meditation is a wonderful exercise which has shown the level of how mind and body works on an individual basis. For example, monks adopt the practice of meditating and sleeping at the same time for hours together. Surprisingly, even though their minds are awake, yet their bodies are sleeping.


Final Thoughts

Finally, as you have gone through the aforesaid post you can be closer to getting sweet dreams. It is indeed a blessing to be positive and surrounded with good things where such dreams really make us feel good day and night. Be positive and spread smiles after all the world is actually a happy and beautiful place to live in.

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